Frequently asked questions

ZOO Serpentarium is temporarily closed. We hope to welkome you as soon as possible and safely. We apologize for the inconvenience. See you soon, take good care of each other!


  • More info on our 1-day ticket rates

  • At the entrance and at the park you can pay with:

    • cash money
    • debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club)

    Prices are free of VAT, and are subject to change.

    * Only accepted at the entrance.

    Buy your tickets online

  • Your purchase receipt is a valid receipt for your bookkeeping. Do you still require an invoice for compliance? You can get an application form for such an "invoice for compliance" ("factuur voor voldaan") from the ticket window (€ 5.00) or, prior to your visit, contact our B2B sales team on 070/233 354.

  • Payments from the Netherlands can be credited to our account at Dexia– IBAN: BE51 7895 8587 4762 / BIC: GKCCBEBB.

Practical info

  • There are several parking facilities in the vicinity of ZOO Serpentarium, each within walking distance. 

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  • Yes, they are located next to our shop.

  • Yes, you can. You will find all the information relating to the Discovery Combi here.

  • Of course you can take pictures and make videos to bring home great mementos of your day out at ZOO Serpentarium. Professional photographers, however, must request permission beforehand (070/233 354). In some parts of our facility, flash photography is however prohibited in order not to disturb the animals.

  • Yes.

  • At ZOO Serpentarium we do our utmost to offer everyone an enjoyable and exciting day. The whole path is accessible for wheelchair users.

  • No, there are no wheelchairs available.

Animals and pets

  • Dogs on a leash are admitted in ZOO Serpentarium. They must be permanently under the control of their owner. Assistance or guide dogs are also allowed.

  • Please contact your own vet to give your pet the best possible care.

  • It is impossible for us to adopt animals from individuals and this for various reasons. Lack of space for example, but also racial purity or oversupply. In order to maintain a healthy animal population, animals are almost exclusively exchanged between the EAZA zoos (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums). If a person has a pet that they would rather no longer look after, they should contact an animal shelter or a pet shop for further information.

  • All our animals have an appropriate, well balanced diet that is strictly controlled by the veterinarian, the biologists and the caretakers. We therefore urge you not to feed our animals. 

  • Find out more on the CRC (Centre for Research and Conservation) and their activitities. This scientific cell is an important component of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp (KMDA in Dutch). CRC employees carry out scientific work not only in Antwerp ZOO and in Planckendael, but also 'in situ', on foreign assignments (for example the BioBrasil project, which focuses on golden-headed lion tamarins in Brazil). The CRC boasts international fame and recognition


  • You can pay a deposit on your excursion up to three weeks before the day of the visit.

  • If you cancel at least 5 days in advance and in writing, you won't incur any costs.

  • No, you pay for the actual number of individuals present.

  • You need to reserve your group visit at least three weeks in advance.